Reactions to our Amazing Race in SL

Homebase for our Amazing Race in SL

Last night our participants in Teaching and Learning in Virtual Worlds engaged in a learning race. Some would say it was Amazing.

For regular edutim readers, I will follow up with another blog post describing our process. This post is for our participants to react to the process. From here on out I am talking to them.

Hey guys. How are you? Hope you have recovered from last night. I know that as we fight to climb the learning curve of Second Life it can be exhausting. My hope is that you are gaining skill and experience that will serve us well later in the semester.

I would like you use the comments of this post to react on the process you went though last night. What did you think of the process? What did you learn? What did you think of the locations you visited?  What issues/problems did you run into? How is your concept of virtual worlds changing?

We are using Intense Debate for comments. You can reply with text or video. Make sure to check our Moodle page for instructions on that. It is pretty straight forward. I am looking forward to seeing your thoughts. See you in the comments.