Jane McGonigal at TED: Can Gaming Save the World?

This has to be one of my favorite TedTalks in a while. Great points and new ideas. Dr. McGonigal is behind a number of the most notable alternate reality games and works as director of game research & development for the Institute for the Future. Her current project, EVOKE, embodies the theory behind her talk by engaging participants in a “10-week crash course in changing the world.”

Messalonskee Middle School Presentation Resources

Here are some quick links to resources I talked about in the session at Messalonskee Middle School on December 3, 2009.

Games to try out

Books to read

Other Good Resources

Dr. Ruben Puentedura also has a series of great lecture entitled Game and Learn: An Introduction to Educational Gaming, availalble through iTunesU. (you will need iTunes installed on your computer.)