Messalonskee Middle School Presentation Resources

Here are some quick links to resources I talked about in the session at Messalonskee Middle School on December 3, 2009.

Games to try out

Books to read

Other Good Resources

Dr. Ruben Puentedura also has a series of great lecture entitled Game and Learn: An Introduction to Educational Gaming, availalble through iTunesU. (you will need iTunes installed on your computer.)

Student Teacher Workshop Links

Here are links to some of the programs/websites I mentioned in the student teacher workshop on 2/6. For those of you not at the workshop, these are a few of my favorite tools that can be integrated into a teacher’s professional life at any grade level. This list is not comprehensive and does not attempt to list all the diverse tools out there. However, I have every letter of the alphabet covered. :)

ACTEM – Association of Computer Technology Educators of Maine. Great group to belong to. Awesome conference in the fall. $400 professional development funds.

Animoto – Create animated slide shows from you own media.

Blogger – Free blogging tool from Google. May be blocked.

Boxee – Turn your computer into a media player.

Comic Life – Create great looking comic books.

CamTwist – OS X only. Free tool to add video effects to your webcam.

Class Blogmeister – Free blogging tool specifically developed for education.

Delicious Library – OS X only. Track and check out books from your laptop.

Diigo – Great web bookmarking tool. Social aspects great for finding new information.

EduBlogs – Free blogging tool for teachers. Probably not blocked.

EduSim – Virtual World Software for your interactive whiteboard.

Flickr – Online photo sharing site.

Foldit – Protein fold by playing a game an help cure cancer.

Freemind – Free mind-mapping tool.

Garageband – OS X only. Music creation, podcasting, and learning tool.

GeoGebra – Free tool to help understand geometry, algebra, and calculus.

GIMP – Free image manipulation tool.

Google Anything – List of Google tools.

Google Docs - Office suite on the web. Best part are the collaborative features.

Google Earth – Google + Earth = Awesome.

Google SketchUp – Build 3-D objects.

Handbrake – Backup your DVDs.

iMovie – OS X only. Movie making tool.

Inkscape – Free vector graphics drawing tool.

Jing – Free screencasting tool.

Kindlelab – Free interactive whiteboard software.

Library Thing – Online book management and social tool.

Mahara – Free web-based electronic portfolio tool.

Miro – Free Internet TV and Videocast player.

Moodle – Free online course management tool.

Ning – Create a social network around anything. – Free office suite. SCHOOLS SHOULD NOT BE SPENDING MONEY ON MICROSOFT OFFICE!

PHUN – Fun free 2-D physics simulator.

PortaPortal – Easy bookmarks on the web.

PosteRazor – Make large poster out of any image using regular paper.

Qik – Stream video to the web with your cell phone.

Quicktime – You probably have it. If you get the pro version you can easily download quicktime media and record short audio and video shorts.

RSS Readers – Google reader and Bloglines makes reading web content so easy.

Scribd – Share your documents online.

Second Life – Virtual world. The COEHD has an island, Black Bear Island.

Skype – Free Internet Telephony. Talk for free over the Internet with video.

Stellarium – Free planetarium software.

Textorizer – Images into text. Try it

Twitter – Micro-blogging service. Great for creating a personal learning network.

uStream – Stream to the Internet from your computer.

Virtual Box – Run other operating systems on your computer.

Wikipedia – The largest collaborative encyclopedia. You are misinformed if you are not utilizing the wisdom of crowds.

Wikispaces – Free wikis for collaborative editing.

Xcuts – OS X widget for looking up keyboard shortcuts.

Your Fonts – Create computer fonts from your own hand writing.

Zotero – A Firefox extension to help you collect, manage, and cite your research sources.

Must watch videos:

Did You Know By Karl Fisch

An Anthropological Introduction Introduction to YouTube. – Michael Wesch