Jane McGonigal at TED: Can Gaming Save the World?

This has to be one of my favorite TedTalks in a while. Great points and new ideas. Dr. McGonigal is behind a number of the most notable alternate reality games and works as director of game research & development for the Institute for the Future. Her current project, EVOKE, embodies the theory behind her talk by engaging participants in a “10-week crash course in changing the world.”

Microsoft’s Future Vision

People sometimes assume that I hate Microsoft. It may be because I work on a Macbook Pro and am a public proponent of open source software. It could also be because I have stated my displeasure with some of Microsoft’s software…cough…Office 2008…ahem, excuse me. Anyways, I am not always a hater of big old MS. As of late their R&D department has got me excited for their products again. You have probably already seen Microsoft Surface, that really cool interactive table. While that is something you can buy today, (albeit for $10K) the video below shows Microsoft’s vision of the future. This is where we should be headed.

Cool stuff for sure. I can only imagine what type of learning opportunities such devices and environments hold for students and teachers. Can Microsoft deliver on this vision? Some version of it, I am sure.

Oh, and if you think this image of 2019 is too far fetched, watch this 1987 video from Apple. How many things in the video can you do with your computer? Forget about the annoying desktop secretary, thank goodness it didn’t all come true. The corny level is also high with this one.