Is this how we should be teaching in the 21st century?

Why do we still teach like this?

Is this a fair comparison to fact-push style teaching? Is it just me or does it seem that our entire education system is set up to fit this mold. While I think this is still a valid teaching method in certain situations, we have so many other options in the 21st century. In a world where experiential learning is so easy, why are our schools still set up like it is 1899. We have the ability to make learning more real and allow a deeper understanding of almost any topic just because facts are so easily available. If you understand a topic at a deeper level, you can’t help but learn the facts along the way. So let’s stop making it harder for teachers to do this and give them the flexibility to create experiences for students that help them understand content instead of memorizing facts.

Comic note: You can download the original svg file right here. Feel free to remix.

Witty Comics

This morning as Logan and I were watching Elmo, I can across a cool site for making comics. With Witty Comics you choose characters, backgrounds, speech bubbles and write you own creative banter. While not as powerful as something like Comic Life, it is still a fun little website to play around with. If you are not versed on the power of comics to portray information I suggest you read Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art by Scott McCloud. You won’t look at comics the same way again. It made me wonder why we don’t use them more often for complex ideas in learning. Anyways, here is my attempt at a witty comic. Try it out and send me yours.