Quote of the Day

I saw a great quote today. Will Richardson of Weblogg-ed posted it to his blog. I will save you the click.

I’m just so impatient with the argument that the world should be slowed
down to help people who aren’t smart enough to understand what’s going
on. It’s in part because I grew up in a generation that benefited
enormously from not doing that. Right? The baby boomers, when we were
young, we had zero, zero patience for the idea that people who are in
their fifties in the ’70s and ’80s should somehow be shielded from
cultural changes because somehow the stuff that we were doing was
upsetting them. So, now it’s our turn and we ought to just suck it up.

The quote is from an interview with Clay Shirky at the Columbia Journalism Review. The entire article is full of straight talk on how the old ways always rebuff the new, but in the end the new is better. If you haven’t read Shirky’s book Here Comes Everybody, go out and pick it up. You won’t be disappointed.