Current Projects

Here are some links to current projects I hack on when I have 3 seconds here and there.


I administer that College of Education and Human Development Moodle server. While the University of Maine has Blackboard, WebCT, and Firstclass I feel Moodle is an important service to make available to teachers and students. Not only are there no costs involved in running Moodle (besides my time), it gives me a greater level of flexibility to the services I provide for teachers and students. We also host many K-12 courses. Aren’t I such a nice guy. :)

Black Bear Island

The College also owns a virtual island in Second Life, called Black Bear Island. I am the island administrator and work with teachers around the state of Maine to study the platform of Second Life for teaching and learning.

UMaine OpenSim Project

I am also starting a study of the open source virtual world application server OpenSimulator. The aim is to provide a private virtual space to K-12 educators to use with their students. Check out the projects wiki right here.

Virtual Maine on ReactionGrid

Virtual Maine is a sim on the Reaction Grid. It is another study in a using virtual spaces as a platform for teaching and learning.

Tim’s Wicked Awesome OpenSim Program

Info coming soon. Think along the lines of an application you can run on your computer to provides a private 3D virtual space. Then you can upload different worlds at your leisure.

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