About Me

I’m Tim. I like technology. I like learning using technology. I like the future and what we can make it. I work at Apple working on the Maine Learning Technology Initiative as an Integration Mentor. That means I have the best job in the world and travel the state helping learners use technology in progressive ways.

My email is thart@mlti.org

I don’t blog that much but keep this space for whenever the need arises.

Have fun out there.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Tim! Just stumbled upon your blog while searching for info about embedding voicethread in Moodle. Thanks for an excellent, clear post.

    While here, I noticed your OpenSim App tab. We’re running an OpenSim project for K-12 educators and students in PA and I was excited to see that you’re using it – educationally? We use the Hippo viewer since Meerkat has proven pretty unstable; how about you? What are you doing with the project? We love to network and partner!

    Take care, and thanks again for a helpful blog. LM

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